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Caterpillar, Inc.

This 150,000 SF manufacturing plant for Caterpillar will produce advanced fuel system parts for diesel engines. The building includes tilt-up concrete, split-face CMU, EIFS and steel structural elements. The interior design incorporates corporate offices, training facilities, lunchroom and cleaning rooms. The entire facility is air conditioned space.

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Sunbelt Power Systems

This two-story 40,000 SF building houses the new offices and engineering department of Sunbelt Power Systems. Along with the two-story office structure is a one-story eight bay repair shop equipped with two overhead cranes. It’s construction includes split-face block and steel structure.

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Day Building

East Point, GA This 7000 SF restoration project includes restoring a historic two-story antebellum downtown building and an adjoining one-story building. The building will be used as a retail and restaurant space. It incorporates the use of a light steel support structure to reinforce and support the existing masonry and wood frame structure. The building exterior facades were stripped…

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